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Paul Arthur Bodine

Paul Arthur Bodine CBA MBA is a leading authority in the emerging field of Business Architecture, and one of the founders of this $100 million profession. His “Chicago School of Business Architecture®” lends an important voice to the Business Architecture debate.

He earned a Masters degrees in business administration from the top-ranked Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and in architecture from the College of Architecture & The Arts at University of Illinois at Chicago. Paul is a licensed building and business architect with over 25 years experience.

Paul created the world’s first Business Architecture educational program in 2001 within DePaul University’s highly-ranked Kellstadt Graduate School of Business MBA program, and co-founded the Business Architects Association®, a leading professional organization, shortly thereafter. His writings and teachings have fundamentally influenced the direction and adoption of this emerging industry.

Paul’s 400+ students work in many of the major corporations in the US and worldwide, including Goldman Sachs, IBM, Motorola, Deloitte Touche, Bank of America, CNA Insurance, Wrigley, Orbitz, W.W. Grainger, J. P. Morgan Chase. Several hold the Senior Business Architect position within their organizations at United Air Lines, Allstate Insurance and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

A Different Way of Seeing

As a licensed Architect, Paul’s approach is a more evolved way of identifying the right path to the right solution. He collaborates with experts throughout the organization to solve complex business challenges. His expertise, experience and tenacity allow him to identify problems quickly and help businesses move forward fast.

Holistic Big-Picture Perspective

Paul takes a big-picture approach to his work, beginning at the scale of the organization within its competitive marketplace and narrowing down to the details. Paul operates under the belief that, “If it doesn’t work at 40,000 feet, it doesn’t matter whether it works at 10 feet; it is just capital and resources wasted that could have been used to support a more useful project.”

Paul begins his work by defining what will be effective – what will solve the problem fully and robustly. Once this is understood, it then becomes easy to optimize the solution on paper, remove unneeded expense using value engineering, and achieve operational efficiency. Effective then efficient; Paul finds that it doesn’t work the other way around.

Cross-Organizational / Industry Experience

Paul has worked in Fortune 400 and small firms, established companies and startups, both for-profit and nonprofit. He has served in a variety of departments - e-commerce, sales, marketing, IT, operations, in a variety of roles - analyst, licensed architect, project manager, general contractor, educator, chief executive and Board of Directors, in several industries – industrial distribution, architecture, real estate, and on numerous cross-functional teams in the U.S and Caribbean. He is a veteran of the first-to-market era and an authority on B2B e-commerce.

Unique Skillset

This extensive practical experience both in the US and abroad, combined with his academic research, has provided Paul with a very unique skillset.

Paul is able to quickly dissect very complex, dynamic situations, break them down into their component parts, and discern the coordinating architecture that holds them together. He is able to quickly identify paths to success and determine how each component of the organization contributes to that path. Paul’s deliverables illustrate the steps necessary to realize the opportunity, and the expected outcomes, costs, risks and other metrics that leadership needs to make a funding decision.

Paul understands how a business works, makes money, sustains profitability, mitigates risk and supports stock price. He understands the transformational opportunities available to the organization and how these opportunities can be realized profitably. He understands what it takes to motivate and inspire employees, set direction, get large efforts underway and focus resources on winning in the marketplace.

Paul’s international experience has provided him with a deep appreciation for how differently people in different cultures act, think and make decisions. He understands how greatly business and legal practices vary greatly from place-to-place, and how “the way it works here” doesn’t work there. He understands that cultural practices are often an optimized response to their business context, and knows how to work within and mesh cultures.

Quick Turnaround – Cost Effective

Paul finds that most teams within an organization are very capable of implementing improvements successfully once they can effectively envision the solution, understand the details, and have the tools, training and budgets necessary to execute it. While most teams have a deep command of the details, he finds they are usually somewhat blind to the other four, the points where many projects fail.

Paul works with an organization’s existing employees and consultants, bringing in outside resources only when necessary to fill temporary skill gaps. He focuses on getting the vision, tools, training and budgets in place as quickly as possible, then stepping back to serve as an as-needed advisor to the team as it takes command. He finds this approach shortens the learning curve, enabling quicker turnaround and more cost-effective implementations.


Paul has worked as an Architect in areas of the Caribbean that relied on rainwater for all domestic water, where electricity was available only certain hours of the day and where many products and expertise were not available. As a result, he has a heightened respect for adopting alternative approaches that conserve water, fuel and utilities, and repurpose existing materials.