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Paul Arthur Bodine

“Focused on identifying problems quickly and helping implement solutions that move companies forward fast. Paul’s value is beyond measure”

Sample Topics


“Delegation Involves Much More than Assigning a Task”
Explores the steps involved in selecting, preparing, assigning, monitoring, accepting and managing the risks involved in delegation to subordinates.

“Passing Through Inflection Points”
Interactive session that acknowledges the destabilizing feeling inflections cause in employees and managers, recognizes them as natural though unforeseen steps in an organization’s development, and establishes a new foundation for the next phase of the organization’s life.

“The Business Architect”
Explores the nature and role of this new business design specialist.

“Getting Out of Your Customers’ Way: New Approaches to Self-Service”
Interactive discussion of self-service methodologies coming into use and the benefits they deliver.

“Self-Informing Systems”
Interactive discussion of how hard data has surpassed gut instinct as the most reliable source for decision support, and how to implement self-informing systems in every part of your organization.

“It’s all About How You Say It”
Illustrative discussion of the correlation between how something is communicated and the outcome, with recommendations for selecting communication methods to ensure the desired outcome. Best done as a workshop.

“Culture Crafting = Realign Brainflows!”
People make choices based on the decision maps in their heads. By taking responsibility for your employee’s decision maps, you position your organization for success.


“Re-Invigorating a Nonprofit Organization”
Nonprofit organizations sometimes run out of steam or lose relevancy in a changing world. This interactive session develops steps for getting an organization back on track.

“Volunteering in the 21st Century”
Learning to structure your volunteer program to accommodate the needs of the new digital natives who have restricted time and the inability to make a firm commitment.


“Internet Speed”
An interactive thought-provoking walk through the underpinnings of e-business that can produce logarithmic improvements in customer search productivity and loyalty.

“The Business View of IT”
A frank discussion of how the business side of the organization views IT. Provides insights into how to present projects and work together in cross-organizational teams.

“Persuasion Architecture”
An anthology of techniques for creating a compelling online merchandising environment. Subjects include orientation, resonance, expectations and physical workflow kinetics.

“Customer Service Means Getting it Right the First Time”
Interactive session illustrating how a great amount of customer service effort can be better deployed by improving information and eliminating mistakes.

Building Architecture and Construction

“Don’t Stop the Carnival: Learnings from the Caribbean”
Referring to Herman Wouk’s book by this title, a discussion of how culture and climate affect project management in the building industry.

“Principles of Buildings and Construction”
A two-day seminar covering the contribution an architect makes to the construction process. Filled with true-life anecdotes drawn from 25 years in the industry. This seminar qualifies for real estate continuing education credits in Illinois.

“Ask an Architect”
Provides insights to those interested in how architects think and approach projects. Your questions will be answered.