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Paul Arthur Bodine

Chicago School of Business Architecture®

“Focused on identifying problems quickly and helping companies implement solutions to move forward toward progress. Paul’s value is beyond measure”
The Chicago School of Business Architecture® is a school of thought that has had a beneficial impact on the course of the conversation about what Business Architecture should be and the role a Business Architect should play. It is based on a holistic view of the business and a set of fundamental beliefs.

The phrase “Chicago School of Business Architecture®” recalls two earlier schools of thought originating from Chicago that have had a great influence on their respective fields, the Chicago School of Economics for economic theory formed within University of Chicago’s MBA program and often associated with Milton Friedman, and the Chicago School of Design for the world of building architecture formed within the Illinois Institute of Technology by László Moholy-Nagy. One could argue that both modern business and architecture began in Chicago with the founding of McKinsey &  Co. in 1926 and the building of William LeBaron Jenney’s first modern skyscraper in 1885.


Just out on kindle! Bernard Morris’s new book about the business-side view of Business Architecture which he shares with the Chicago School.

Morris, Bernard (2013-04-08). Business Architecture Made Easy – A Journey from Complexity to Simplicity (Kindle Locations 107-114). BookBaby. Kindle Edition.